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Annual Report  2015

Family Outreach International (FOI) is an adoption agency that facilitates adoptions from China on behalf of Canadian families. FOI was incorporated as a Canadian non-profit organization in 1995 and since then has facilitated about 1500 adoptions from China.

FOI facilitates the adoption process for Canadian families from all provinces except Quebec.

FOI is accredited by China's federal adoption authority: the China Centre of Children's Welfare and Adoption Affairs (CCCWA). CCCWA is responsible for all adoptions of Chinese children by applicants from countries with which China has Intercountry adoption agreements.

FOI manages all aspects of a family's adoption initiative including the submission of an application to China through to China adoption trip.

FOI is located in Ottawa, Ontario and has staff in Ottawa and representatives in Beijing.


1301-131 Wurtemburg St       E-mail:

Ottawa ON                              Tel:  (613)789-8677

K1N 1J2                                   Fax: (613)789-9052  

Executive Director

Yulin Deng


Executive Director

Yulin Deng

Office Manager

Bob Stevens

Office Administrator

Jane Chen

Board of Directors


Pablo Fernandez-Davila (Ottawa)


Joan Francis (Timmins)

Danielle Brule (Ottawa)


Information about FOI's adoption programs,

call (613)789-8677 or


To discuss issues concerning Family Outreach

     conduct and policies, contact:

 the Chair of the Board of Directors:

Pablo Fernandez-Davila                      (613)565-8686

     administration and operational practices, contact:

the Office Manager:

Robert Stevens                                    (613)789-8677


Family Outreach International (FOI) offers two China adoption programs: a long standing ("Traditional") program whereby healthy infant abandoned (mostly) girls were made available for adoption by foreign families, and a later ("Waiting Child") program that offered children of varying ages and gender with medical needs such as Cleft Lip & Palate, infantile heart diseases and club feet, etc..

China established a federal organization called the China Centre of Adoption Affairs (CCAA), recently renamed to the China Centre of Child Welfare & Adoption (CCCWA), to manage adoptions by foreigners. The CCAA/CCCWA has engaged several countries including Canada in intercountry adoption agreements.

In 2007, it was becoming clear that the world-wide Traditional program was oversubscribed with the result being that wait-times were becoming excessive. FOI began to encourage new client families to participate in the Waiting Child program as a viable alternative to the Traditional program. By 2013, the same oversubscribed situation occurred with the Waiting Child program and other than for special cases FOI stopped accepting new applicants in September 2013.

Traditional (Regular) program

Over the past half-dozen years, about once a year families waiting in the traditional program have been contacted and encouraged to switch to the Waiting Child program. Overall, about half of the families have switched and many families have withdrawn usually for personal reasons such as childbirth, a domestic adoption, a move outside of Ontario, applicant's age or simply because they were discouraged by an estimate of a yet longer wait.

Most families still in the traditional program have already waited at least 6 years; some as much as 9 years. As of mid-February, 2016, FOI has 43 Canadian (19 Ontario) families waiting in the Traditional program. (In March 2015, FOI reported 74 families waiting in the Traditional program.)

Waiting Child Program

In August and September 2013, FOI engaged in a sponsorship arrangement with two orphanages in Jianxgi province (Shangrao SWI and Yugan SWI). The arrangement which is supervised by CCCWA results in Special Needs children arriving at these orphanages to be assigned to FOI. FOI is given a three week period to place such children with client families; children not placed in this time are made available to other agencies.

Since September 2013, FOI has focused on finding children for families in the Waiting Child program. For the two years from the start of 2014 through to the end of 2015, almost all FOI placements have been from the sponsored orphanages as opposed to the Shared List. In this two year period, there have been 28 placements from Shangrao SWI and 3 from Yugan SWI.

As of mid-February, 2016, FOI has 13 Canadian families (4 from Ontario) still waiting in the Waiting Child program. It is expected that placements will be found for these families within 2 years. (In March 2015, FOI reported 20 families waiting in the Traditional program.)


Each year FOI offers an escorted two week trip back to China for families with adopted children who are between 8 and 13 years old. The trips largely retrace the steps of the earlier adoption trips with opportunities for the children to visit their orphanages. The two trips are usually scheduled for Spring Break and early July. Typically 4 to 12 families participate in a trip.


FOI intends to wind down activity over the next two or so years. The most pressing goal is to find children for the families remaining in the Waiting Child program. Families still in the Traditional program will be contacted again to discuss realistic expectations. A few of these families may consider a Waiting Child option.

FOI expects to continue with the Back-to-China trips for two or three years.

Adoption Activity (2002 to 2015)

Traditional11 2
Traditional22 4
Traditional73 10
Traditional817 25
1927 20 66

Traditional1312 25
WC88 16
Traditional3170 101

​FOI Fees

Family Outreach charges a Registration fee of $100, a facilitation fee of $5000 and a Professional Services in China fee of $U600. The Registration fee is paid when an applicant engages FOI to facilitate their adoption initiative. The facilitation fee is paid in instalments over the course of the adoption process; the last instalment is paid about two weeks prior to the adoption trip. The Professional Services in China fee is also paid about two weeks prior to the adoption trip.

FOI invoices families $800 for dossier "authentication". This includes the assembly of the dossier, notarization expenses and Embassy of China/Consulate General of China document Authentication fees.

FOI will also invoice families for unexpected courier charges.

Summary of Fees and Expenses

The following is an estimate of the fees and expenses (taxes included in the figures) that a family will encounter during the adoption a child from China. In general, the fees and expenses in the table below assume a couple adopting an infant. The adoption of an older child adds about $1500 mostly for airfares. 

Items marked "*" in the table below are estimates.. Figure items marked in blue text are normally invoiced by FOI.

All taxes (HST) are included in the reported items

CCCWA fees (dossier assessment, child placement fee, translations)​$ 1,600
​Family Outreach Services (Registration, facilitation , … incl HST)5,650
Family Professional Services in China800
Preparation of dossier for China (notarization, authentication; incl. HST)678
Orphanage Partnership Contribution3,000
Adoption Practitioner (six post adoption reports )~3,600
Adoption Practitioner (homestudy)~3,000
Parent Training fees 1,800
International air travel for a couple + infant return~4,500
Preparation for travel (vaccinations, visas, Citizenship application)~1,100
Two week stay in China (Travel & Accommodations, misc. for couple)3,600
Orphanage donation~6,000
Adoption legal fees in China~1,500
Miscellaneous (courier, requests for updates , currency exchange, ...)~1,000
 ~ $40,000