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Adoption Programs​

Traditional​ Program (closed)

China has offered children – typically abandoned infant girls – for international adoption since the early nineties. The program has been very successful with several thousand infant girls being adopted into Canada to date.

Largely because of a rapid increase in domestic adoption in China, the number of children available in this program has steadily declined over the past half-dozen years. Wait times to a child proposal in this program have become excessive and are still growing.  Estimates in the adoption community for families starting now commonly run at ten plus years. Families receiving referrals this year had submitted applications to China back in 2006.

Although China still accepts applications for the traditional program, because of the uncertainty and length of the wait times, FOI no longer accepts applications for this program.

This program has been available to married couples of which both husband and wife are between 30 and 50 years old. The couple must have been married two years on application to China -- five years if either was previously divorced.

Couples that were able to demonstrate that one of the couple had been born in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan could expect to receive expedited processing. Expedited processing shortens the wait time to referral by one year.

Waiting Child Program (closed)

The CCCWA identifies a num ber of orphaned children who are available for adoption in the “Waiting Child” Program. These are older children and Special Needs children. 

Children from infant to 13 years old are available. Most of the children have a medical condition that requires treatment or special care. Many of the teenage children are in the WC program because they were not adopted as infants during a time some 10+ years ago when there were more available children than applicants.

The wait-time for a referral depends upon the gender, age range and medical issues of the child that the family is seeking. In recent years, children with more manageable condition are being adopted domestically by Chinese couples. 
​In August, 2013, FOI entered into an agreement with two orphanages in Jiangxi province whereby FOI provides resources such as special medical care and education. FOI is then granted preferred access to Special Needs children from these orphanages.​ Over the past three years, the number of children available through this arrangement has been declining.

Because of the scarcity of children with manageable medical needs in this program, FOI no longer accepts applications for for families wishing to adopt a child from the Waiting CVhild Program.​